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Wednesday, October 13, 2004

"Stolen Honor" producer is a Bush appointee

The owner of Sinclair's "Stolen Honor" production company is a Bush appointee. Surprise, surprise.

As originally posted at DU:

This is the address of Quantum Communications, the production company of "Stolen Honor":
Red, White and Blue Productions
C/O Quantum Communications
123 State St.
Harrisburg, PA 17101
Phone 717-213-4955

This is the man who owns Quantum Communications:
Mr. Charles R. Gerow
Law Offices of Charles R. Gerow
Reagan/Bush Campaign Field Staff, 1980
Reagan Alumni Association
Active involvement in numerous campaigns
Advance work in 6 Presidential campaigns
Alternate Delegate at Large, 1988
Dole for President, surrogate speaker,1996
Candidate for U.S. Congress
Lawyers for Bush, 2000
Principal, Quantum Communications
Adjunct faculty of several Pa. colleges

He ran for Congress as a Republican in 2000:

He was a Pennsylvania delegate to the GOP Convention in New York
"I don't like smoking bans. I'm a guy who believes in freedom," said Charlie Gerow, a cigar-smoker and delegate from Harrisburg, Pa. "Doesn't every civilized person enjoy cognac with a good cigar after dinner? I miss that here."

He's doesn't just own the production company, he's the publicist for "Stolen Honor":
The controversy over the anti-John Kerry ads aired by the swift boat vets has settled to a low boil, but the issues could take on new life and a new direction on September 9 with the premiere in Washington of a for-profit documentary called Stolen Honor. "I believe this is going to be the documentary of 2004," says Charlie Gerow, publicist for the film. "Forget about Michael Moore."

The President intends to appoint Charles R. Gerow, of Pennsylvania, to be a Member of the Benjamin Franklin Tercentenary Commission. (Recommendation submitted by the Governor of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.)


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