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Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Oops! They did it again!

Last week BushCo was widely suspected of cooking up a false terror alert based on the discovery of four-year-old surveillance files on an Al Queda computer, in order to change the subject from Kerry's convention success. In response to the accusations, the Bushies have outted yet another undercover U.S. intelligence operative. They explained that they were forced to do it, because they were under political pressure. Oh.

Unmasking of Qaeda Mole a U.S. Security Blunder - Experts

LONDON (Reuters) - The revelation that a mole within al Qaeda was exposed after Washington launched its "orange alert" this month has shocked security experts, who say the outing of the source may have set back the war on terror.

Reuters learned from Pakistani intelligence sources on Friday that computer expert Mohammad Naeem Noor Khan, arrested secretly in July, was working under cover to help the authorities track down al Qaeda militants in Britain and the United States when his name appeared in U.S. newspapers.

"After his capture he admitted being an al Qaeda member and agreed to send e-mails to his contacts," a Pakistani intelligence source told Reuters. "He sent encoded e-mails and received encoded replies. He's a great hacker and even the U.S. agents said he was a computer whiz."

Last Sunday, U.S. officials told reporters that someone held secretly by Pakistan was the source of the bulk of the information justifying the alert. The New York Times obtained Khan's name independently, and U.S. officials confirmed it when it appeared in the paper the next morning. - Reuters


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